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J4-StrategicChoices - Sun River company currently produces...

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Sun River company currently produces several types of functional beverages. Their product line, while limited to just drinks, is very diversified within that limited field. From soda pop to high-energy drinks to juices, Sun River makes them all. Not only does Sun River diversify in their line of product, but also the markets they operate in. The company has operations in several domestic regions across the United States. These include four production and bottling plants spread over the east-coast, mid-west, and western geographic markets. Twelve distribution plants insure that they are properly diversified into to all profitable domestic markets. This product-market diversification strategy, although not extensive on a global scale, or even on an international scale, has still worked well for them. Their eagerness to pursue multi-domestic diversification might provide some insight into the possibility of international market diversification for a more long term goal. This high-end beverage company not only diversifies to expand their business, but also integrates to secure their product investments. Sun River has vertically integrated forward to centralize their operations and minimize costs associated with the delivery of their products. Sun River operates an extensive trucking fleet out of their twelve distribution centers to deliver the products to retailers. This brings
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