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The whistle blared and it was my turn to step onto the court. I kneeled down one last time to tighten my shoelaces and take a deep breath. All my training and off-season workouts were going to come down to this 5 minute scrimmage. My shoes squeaked and my heart raced. With every step I took closer toward the free throw line, my body felt limp, my legs shaking as if an earthquake had rumbled through and forced me to stumble. Approaching the other players, the rapid beating of my heart seems to be synchronized with every step I took. I knew walking into the huddle, I wasn’t the best player nor the tallest, yet I reminded myself of something I have heard time and time again. Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent Doesn’t Work Hard. Down to the simplest detail, this is what allowed me to make the high school team. Taking the leadership role as the point guard, I pounded the ball against the floor, my hand waiting for the ball to return to its exact position. The adrenaline flowing rampant through my body, allowing me to
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