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summer class notes - summer class notes for Thursday read...

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summer class notes: for Thursday read mcpherson 117-132 -WHITENESS STUDIES: o 1960s critisim starts o born out of critical race theory/ critical race studies.. out of movement of how minorities situates themselves as abnormal and whites as normal o not a glorification of white people o not looking at whites as oppressed or victimized o look at white groups/ particulary white men who situated themselves as victims o ideology o distinction between whiteness and white people..whiteness is ideology o whiteness= white is norm and non white is abnormal o difference is dangerous/ difference needs to be fixed… if ur non white u are deviant/ a problem to society o study of whiteness is till the study of race o whiteness is racism/ works to create inequalities and justify inequalities -RELATION TO RACE STUDIES: -WHITENESS AS IDEOLOGY: o primary means of shaping ones world view.. be it thru sermons or images in stained glass windows… the church is the fundamental channel thru ideologies of Europeans are shapped o spread of whiteness--progressive whitening of religious figures..jesus Christ is whiter than before o justifys European superiority over non Europeans o 16 th centery- 1 st significant wave of European colonialism o European see themselves as civilizers, morally superior o who is white changes all the time, over time -HISTORY OF WHITENESS: JACOBSON -ASSIMILATION o late 19 th century into 20 th century.. widespread movement to pressure groups into assimiliation o governmental and cultural pressure into assimiliation o pressure only place on groups that are deemed by the majority to be marginally white to assimilate ex: e. European, Russian immigrants etc. o if they become more like dominate group they gain the privileges that go along with being part of dominate group o goes on well into 1950s o after civil rights movement, there is a whidespread interest in ethnicity= white ethnic revival -“WHITE ETHNIC REVIVAL: o reclaiming ethnicity on a broad whidespread level
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o claiming a sense of ethnicity helps one develop a sense of self and community, so people just on board to have sense of community.. ex: irish american vs. American/ white o specifics allows people to separate themselves from WASPS, whites, dominate group o civil rights brings this to the surface.. the problem with racism in America
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