types of food procurement

types of food procurement - less stratified status...

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foraging pasteuralists movement kinship large groups, patrilineal, unilineal division of labor flexible; due to age and gender due to age and gender population density low low division of goods general and balanced reciprocity politics very mobile, need to exploit resources nomandic- random wandering or transhumance- patterned, semi permanent villages small kinship groups, bilateral kinship, organized into bands reciprocity: generalized- no one keeps track, balanced- mental records, negative- haggling or theft egalitarian within same category; achieved status egalitarian, ascribed and achieved status
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horticultural industrialists mobile small, bilateral very complex medium some reciprocity, some market
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Unformatted text preview: less stratified status gardeners, stay in one place or small movement; use slash and burn technique for clearing fields medium groups; equal split between bilateral and matrilineal spets including shamen; more rigid due to sexual status differences ideally egalitarian but some stratified; achieved and ascribed status agriculturalists sedentary high large groups, unilineal kinship but more favored towards one side of a family economic production spets; special and sell skills; due to traditions redistribution (taxes) and market system; must have general purpose money stratified with hierarchial layers; ascribed status; chiefdom is common...
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types of food procurement - less stratified status...

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