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stimulants and narcotics

stimulants and narcotics - class drug name mechanism of...

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class drug name: mechanism of action: stim cocaine (II) stim amphetamines stim methamphetamines same as amphetamines stim caffeine stim nicotine blocks transporter responisble for reuptake to increase amount of neurotransmitter (dopamine and norepinephrine) in the synapse block reuptake of DA/NE, inhibit MOA enzyme that breaks down DA/NE in cell or synapse? DA released from vesicles in "free state", bind with pre neuron and enhance release of DA/NE normal- adenosine binds with GABA receptor on pre neuron to decrease neurotransmission (NE) and provoke sleepiness and fatigue. Caffeine will block adenosine receptors so caffeine is inhibiting an inhibitor to increase NE neurotransmission. can bind on pre and post neuron to activate VTA dopamine neuron to gradually increase DA. 1. on pre neuron will bind with nicotonic receptor ionotropically so allow glutamate release and DA release into synapse to excite post neuron. 2. bind with acetylcholine neuron to directly (ionotropically) activates DA neuron. sits for a long time so acetylcholine can't bind which inactivates what?
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? marijuana narcotic opium (schedule 2) narcotic morphine (schedule 2) IV is most effective, mostly used in hospitals. narcotic heroin narcotic fentanyl (schedule 2) neurotransmitters= anandamide and 2- arachidonylglycerol. Cannabinoid molecules released from post neuron to bind with receptors (metabatropic) on pre neuron which then inhibit voltage gated Ca+ channels. Without Ca+ in pre = no neurotransmission. GABA??? drug converted to morphine in brain, durg acts on receptor on neuron #1 which then reduces amount of GABA being released from #1 into synapse. Less GABA in the synapse means less can bind with #2 neuron. So far decreasing
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stimulants and narcotics - class drug name mechanism of...

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