Tassert - Tasserts life, statistics of suicide and the...

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Tassert’s life, statistics of suicide and the plight of female workers. Realist painter Octave Tassert born in 1800 lived through a very difficult time in French history, including both Revolutions, Napoleon’s Reign of Power, and the restoration of the Monarchy. During these times, the proletariats and peasants were left to the will of the current ruler, who many times taxed them exceedingly, forced them to obey strict orders, and were constantly paranoid about another coup d’état. Therefore, living conditions were horrendous especially for women and children, and suicide rates were skyrocketing. As a painter, Tassert wanted to show these difficulties, even though he knew there would be little business for paintings such as these. In the article from “Arts Magazine” in May of 1981, Tassert is discussed as a poorly known Realist during his time. This is because he truly believed in presenting even the touchiest political and social issues. In his time, it was said that his art was too exaggerated and was ridiculed for being overly dramatic. Even in the twentieth century, critiques viewed his work as a lack of commitment to the Realist movement due to the small size of many of his paintings. In order to really understand Octave Tassert, an analysis of his life must first be discussed
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Tassert - Tasserts life, statistics of suicide and the...

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