Holbein Final Study Guide

Holbein Final Study Guide - 1 According to Maxwell highly...

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1. According to Maxwell, highly competent people “come ready to play every day- no matter how they feel.” 2. Our definition of leadership includes words such as influencing, change, and responsibility. 3. Which of the following was given in class as one of six main challenges for managers today?-enhancing efficiency 4. According to Maxwell, Socrates taught the young man who he almost drowned a valuable lesson about passion. 5. When Maxwell urges us to, “begin serving with your body, and your heart will eventually catch up, he is supporting the idea of “emotional maturity and strength” 6. According to Maxwell, if you know you have talent, and you’ve seen a lot of motion- but little concrete results you lack-“self-discipline” 7. Which of the following is one of Maxwell’s questions that we must ask ourselves regarding courage? –Have I retreated so far into my comfort zone that I don’t even feel fear? 8. According to Maxwell, “Whenever you see significant progress in an organization, you know that the leader has made “courageous” decisions.” 9. The three reasons to behave ethically are-1. To avoid harming others, 2. To maintain and enhance our reputation, and 3. To bc it’s the right thing to do. 10. The key principle(s) of Weber’s notion of bureaucracy includes “a person’s authority should be based on their position in the corporate hierarchy.” 11. Effectiveness was defined in class as “none of the above.” 12.The ability to understand others’ and your own moods and emotions, and to
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This note was uploaded on 01/26/2011 for the course MGT 301 taught by Professor Holbein during the Fall '08 term at Kentucky.

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Holbein Final Study Guide - 1 According to Maxwell highly...

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