Soc 235 Exam 2 Review

Soc 235 Exam 2 Review - Soc 235 Exam 2 Review Chapter 6:...

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Soc 235 Exam 2 Review Chapter 6: The Upper Class 1. Importance of Upbringing and socialization. First, we find a stress on families who have descended from successful people. British ancestry, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. One must be involved with the arts and the right charities, and must acquire proper manners and traits to be displayed among high society. The wife is an equal partner in displaying the proper lifestyle to gain acceptance. She also must be involved in the right charity work and community organizations to enhance the status and power of the upper class in general as well as the position of the husband. The upper class tends to be brought up together, are friends, and are intermarried one with another. Private schools, elite (Ivy League) universities, the “right” fraternities and sororities, gentlemen’s clubs, debutante balls. Clubs provide a social setting within which their typically upper-class members can share their ideas about common political concerns and maintain social and business ties. 2. Upper Class 5 Major indicators i. Listing in the register ii. Male member high class prep school iii. Male exclusive social club iv. Female club/prep school v. Father millionaire entrepreneur/ceo corporate lawyer 3. The Social Register: score card for the upper class. Who belongs in the upper-class. List true old money families, published in different cities. Today single hard cover volume. 4. The Modern Upper Class: “governing class of the ruling class” largest influence on the way the country is run and their connections. 5. Governing Class/Ruling Class: this social upper class, through various means of influence in the economy and political system, does in fact govern the country. Given the many interest groups that exist and the complexity of advanced industrial societies such as ours, no one group can be completely dominant. But when important decisions are made (involving such things as how to deal w inflation, foreign trade problems, and becoming
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Soc 235 Exam 2 Review - Soc 235 Exam 2 Review Chapter 6:...

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