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Muslim and Christian Relations in SEA Ashley Slovinski and Shaan Baig Mindanao (Southern Phillipines) Moro National Liberation Front/Moro Islamic Liberation Front – Two branches: Political Military - Bangsa Moro Army Top officials worked from outside Philippines Mostly young, well-educated Muslims Received outside resources and support from other Muslim states Mostly Arab states Most weapons supplied by Libya and Sabah Moro Islamic Liberation Front Breakaway faction in 1978 due to ideological shift calling for return to Islamic law Tripoli Agreement 1976 - “Peace Settlement” Representatives of Philippine government and MLNF met in Tripoli, Libya Provided general principles for Muslim autonomy in the southern Philippines January 1977 - Ceasefire went into effect but only lasted nine months Fighting never returned to intensity of before 1976, though
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Unformatted text preview: Marcos never fully carried out the agreement Marcos split into two autonomous regions: Central Mindanao and Sulu Ambon (Indonesia) Pancasila ideology (5 principles) – Employed by the Indonesian state to play to the interests of religious groups. I.e. “Belief in the one and only God” is similar to the first pillar of Islam (the shahada – the declaration of faith). Such an idea is still broad enough to be relevant for other religious groups like Christians and Buddhists. Laskar Jihad – A movement launched in 2000 as a response to the government’s inability to control the conflict on Ambon. Held an armed demonstration in front of President Wahid, which led him to agree to calling a state of civil emergency, reducing violence for only a couple of months....
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