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abnormal psych part 6

abnormal psych part 6 - it craves to have it again...

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Christina Mattocks Psychology 100-001 Research Hours Abnormal Psychology Part 6: Substance Abuse Disorders: Drug and alcohol abuse leads to violent crimes, medical problems and adverse health effects, fetal alcohol syndrome and death. People who use alcohol to modify sensation, thoughts and feelings but those who abuse a drug have chronic usage, commonly followed by hazardous behavior. When people are dependent on a drug they focus all of their attention on obtaining it. People may develop a physical dependence to the drug which allows the body to builds a tolerant to the drug and when the drug is absent from the body
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Unformatted text preview: it craves to have it again. Substance abuse ruins relationships with the ones we love. Our passions and dreams are placed on hold because we become too occupied with maintaining a high, along with lots of money being wasted. Drugs activates the same reward centers that food, water and sex do except drugs do it more directly and are more powerful. People turn to drugs because of peer pressure, life events, or just plain genetics. Ultimately substance abuse can to a numerous of health problems- irregular heartbeat, lung disease, loss of weight and muscle, and an untimely death....
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