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Christina Mattocks Psychology 100-001 Research Hours Abnormal Psychology Part 3: The Nature of Stress Stress is a part of a person’s daily life, at times good because it can push you to try harder, or in some cases very difficult to manage. Stress is defined as a three stage process: 1) initiating event, 2) thoughts about the event, and 3) the physiological response to the event. It can also be defined as a demand placed on people to act in more than routine ways, to set a situation the way they want it to be. Positive events can cause stress, for example having a baby can be stressful. You have to prepare yourself to bring a new life into the world which can cause a substantial amount of stress and worry. Stressors are all around us
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Unformatted text preview: and can threaten sense of competence, peace of mind and concentration. People who are born unable to cope with issues are susceptible to stress, but people who have had positive personal experiences may be able to better deal with stress because they have had better results. What may be stressful to one person may not be stressful to another. The way you interpret things can cause a stressful response. For example for some people loud music could be consider as annoying and loud, but to another it could make them feel happy and alive. Another example, working moms – is it fulfilling or filled with stress? Stress affects us all very differently....
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