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abnormal psych anxiety

abnormal psych anxiety - known as fear of fear People who...

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Christina Mattocks Psychology 100-001 Research Hours Abnormal Psychology Part 3: Anxiety Disorders Anxiety is a natural response but can become very extreme. The difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder is the intensity, the anxiety length, and the response. Over thirty two million people are affected with an anxiety disorder. A panic disorder involves a serious of panic attacks. These attacks come quickly, lasting only minutes but feel like hours. People affected are under a high state of anxiety and feel out of control quickly. They feel out of control very quickly and anticipate the next attack- also
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Unformatted text preview: known as fear of fear. People who suffer from agoraphobia avoid situations that make them feel out of control and are sadly limited to what they can do. Some people miss out on traveling experiences out of fear of flying and bridges, career choices are affected, and some will not drive because they fear they will have an attack while on the road or if they get lost. To cope they stay home because they feel safe there or if they go out into public, a friend must come with them....
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