gov paper - Redistricting

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Christina Mattocks Government 103-001 Professor Robbins Gerrymandering is often used in favor of incumbents or a specific political party. Most democracies have proportional electoral systems, where several political parties are proportionally represented in the national parliaments, in proportion to the total numbers of votes of the parties in the regional or national elections. In these proportional representation systems, gerrymandering has little or less significance. The two goals of gerrymandering are to increase the effect of supporters' votes and to decrease the effect of opponents' votes. One strategy that I used was packing . By attempting to concentrate as many voters into a certain electoral district you are able to reduce their influence in other districts. In some cases this strategy may be done to obtain representation for a community of common interest, rather than trying to spread that interest throughout several other districts. In comparison, another strategy, cracking
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gov paper - Redistricting

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