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Tap Dance Syllabus

Tap Dance Syllabus - 4/14-16 GMU Spring Concert 8pm Harris...

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IMPORTANT DATES: BEG TAP 161-001 email: [email protected] January: 1/24: First Day of Classes 1/28: GMU Company Auditions 1pm, A301 February: 2/08: Last Day to drop/add no penalty 2/25: Last Day to drop 2/28: Receive written info for Midterm March: 3/02: In Class Video Pt. 1 (Discuss Guidelines for writing Reaction Paper) 3/07: In Class Video Pt. 2 3/09: Reaction Paper due 3/12-3/20: SPRING BREAK 3/15: Tickets available for GALA Concert 3/21: MIDTERM: Written 3/23: MIDTERM: Movement (End of class discuss Creative Project) 3/25-3/26: GALA Concert, 8pm Center for the Arts 3/30: Creative Project Due April: 4/05: Tickets available for GMU Spring Concert
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Unformatted text preview: 4/14-16: GMU Spring Concert, 8pm Harris Theatre 4/18: Assignment, Ticket & Program Due for GMU Spring Concert 4/26: Tickets available for GMU May Concert May: 5/04: LAST CLASS, Final movement projects 5/06-07: GMU May Concert, 8pm Harris Theatre (extra concert) 5/11: May Concert assignments due by NOON in my mailbox! Ticket office is located at the Center for the Arts Box Office (big white building near the pond) Office Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm. Free tickets are first come first served. Most dance classes will be attending so get there early. Dance Dept. Website: http://dance.gmu.edu...
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