Acting 1 Syllabus

Acting 1 Syllabus - Syllabus PAB A105 Tuesday and Thursday...

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Syllabus THR 210 – 004 – Acting I - 10283 PAB A105; Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30am – 11:45am David Gaines (703) 486-0169 [email protected] Office Hours: None. Available after class, and by appointment. I will answer emails and phone messages in as timely a manner as possible. Text: “The Stanislavski System – Growth and Methodology” by Perviz Sawoski, (second edition). Also, sections of “Respect for Acting” by Uta Hagen will be referenced. Course Objectives: To examine the process of acting and performance on stage and in life. To develop an awareness of and facility with the process, tools, and principles of clear communication and interaction - in theatre and in life. To encourage creative imagination. To practice the art of acting. Also, please note that the mission of George Mason University's General Education Program is to educate, liberate, and broaden the mind, and to instill lifelong love of learning. In conjunction with each student’s major program of study and other electives, minors, or certificates, this program seeks to produce graduates with intellectual vision, creative abilities, and moral sensibility, as well as the skills to assure a well-rounded and useable education. The General Education Program seeks four specific goals: Ensuring that all undergraduates develop skills in information gathering, written and oral communication, and analytical and quantitative reasoning. Development of knowledge by emphasizing major domains of thought and methods of inquiry. Enabling students to attain a breadth of knowledge that supports their specializations and contributes to their education in both personal and professional ways. Encouraging students to make important connections across boundaries (for example: among disciplines; between the university and the external world; between the United States and other countries). We hope and expect that among the outcomes of your experience in this course will be: An ability to identify and analyze formal elements of acting (i.e. space, event, rhythm, tension, quality of movement, etc.) using appropriate vocabulary, and an ability successfully to employ them in your performance. An understanding of the relationship between performing technique and the intention and/or effect of a theatrical production.
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A satisifying experience of engaging in the artistic process, including conception, creation and ongoing critical analysis. Course Overview: Week 1 Introduction; context; preparation for physical work Week 2 Introduction to space Week 3 Identification with the world of movement Week 4 Indentifying with people – Character work. Week 5 The Bench (Doing nothing well) Week 6 The Bench (Level II) Interaction; interpersonal dynamics. Week 7
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Acting 1 Syllabus - Syllabus PAB A105 Tuesday and Thursday...

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