Lecture 4 - Lecture 4 International lawyers think...

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Lecture 4 1/26/11 International lawyers think non-compliance is unintentional for the most part Why obey? (Treaty) International Lawyers (liberal mentality): interest and obligation o Obligation: care about reputation with other countries, future cooperation, fear of hostility, economic sanctions, fear consequences and enforcement, alienate all members o Think compliance is higher than realists because it has consequences Realists: interest o Compliance wouldn’t have big effect on countries behavior Why non-compliance? International Lawyers o Ambiguity-unclear as to what they are doing o Capability- don’t have resources to follow guidelines, so it’s not your fault if you can’t implement plan Examples: environment need certain technology o Time Lag: takes time to change regulations (change domestic law) Need legislation, need to make a monitoring system, create technology o Other reasons: accidental stepping over the lines Realists: interest How to improve compliance? International Lawyers o Create some kind of costs for violating treaty, sanctions o Make treaties less ambiguous o Create court to interpret treaty (interpretation) o Monitoring o Creating actual politics to improve countries capacity (help with technical assistance) o Set benchmarks in treaties to have a limit on time lag Realists Cost benefit scenario Enforcement less insincere countries signing on to treaty
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Is International law deep or shallow? International Lawyers
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Lecture 4 - Lecture 4 International lawyers think...

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