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Lecture 5 - What happens we run out of frontiers to tame...

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Lecture 5 Princess Dianna’s Eulogy by her brother, Sir Earl Spencer Jabbed at press they didn’t understand her goodness Jab at royal family boys will be brought up rights Showed weaknesses (human side) Praised attributes and weaknesses Mentioned beauty internal and external/charity work Dianna (means hunter) the hunter was hunted Politicians can use positive words and turn them into negative ones Example: consistent is positive, but stubborn is negative Seeing Ourselves in space Kennedy got people excited about space (pioneers) o Goes back to celebrating frontier central theme of American Character The Frontier Thesis (1893) Frederick Jackson Turner -pioneers -move from one piece of land to another -American identity formed at point where wilderness civilization meet wilderness -push back frontier -build strength and individualism by taming wilderness -American “exceptionalism”-America’s character different because of the way it was formed, no class system, there was industrialism, capitalism, entrepreneurship
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Unformatted text preview: What happens we run out of frontiers to tame? Space: The Final Frontier theme JFK uses Space Travel in Lincoln’s Day 1865 Jules Verne-“From The Earth to the Moon” Spooky Facts-Verne’s Rocket-Columbiad-Apollo 11 command module: Columbia-3 crew members Comics and Movie Serials-Buck Rogers-Flash Gordan Sputnik 1957-rude awakening • Russians sent satellite around orbit around Earth meant we were in danger of losing technological leaders of world o Big investments made in education, science, engineers The Rae is On (For the Moon) JFK and “New Frontier” Campaign-Ethos: new frontier, “get country moving”, “new generation, “vigah” Kennedy’s Romantic Moon-Speech at Rice University-September 1962-why we needed to go to moon-talk about human drive to discover Why It’s Possible-scientific expertise-Energy-Resources-reachable State of the Union-largest exignece economy, industrial base, terrorism...
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  • frontier thesis, frontier -build strength, Sir Earl Spencer, -Flash Gordan Sputnik, Final Frontiertheme JFK

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Lecture 5 - What happens we run out of frontiers to tame...

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