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Basic Concepts 2 - Research Methods Basic Concepts Lecture...

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Research Methods Basic Concepts Lecture Material by Laurel Tranynowicz Quantitative Research: the use of measurement and observation to represent communication phenomena as amounts, frequencies, degrees, values or intensity; compared using descriptive of inferential statistics; argued to have greater objectivity than other forms of research Qualitative research relies primarily on deductive reasoning by using a theory as the bias of the proposition that is tested Conceptual Quantitative Research Model Components 1. The research purpose (I am interested in how…) 2. Literature is used as a basis for the research 3. Research questions and/or hypotheses are formed based on the purpose and literature 4. Selection of the research methods for the project 5. Examination of the validity and reliability of the data collected through the method selected a. Validity; how truthful the data will be b. Reliability: how consistent the data will be Once each of the components has been addressed, the researcher moves through the quantitative research process in a linear fashion Creating the Foundation for Quantitative Research Researchers must further specify the concepts identified in their question by building on the work of others Question the differences or relationships between concepts a. A concept represents a number of individual but related things; an abstract way of thinking b. A concept can be an object, an event, a relationship or a process c. A conceptual scheme is a set of concepts that can be connected together
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Basic Concepts 2 - Research Methods Basic Concepts Lecture...

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