Survey Construction 1

Survey Construction 1 - Vocabulary information level bias...

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Research Methods Survey Construction Lecture Material by Laurel Tranynowicz. Survey: A written tool to collect data. Ranges from general to very specific. Best Uses: Collect data form a large group of people Collect data from respondents who are geographically widespread Collect data on attitudes, preferences, cognitions Collect confidential or sensitive data Collect specific or detailed data Steps: 1. Determine what you need to know Include demographic information as needed, or as you may need later in a Research project 2. Choose a response format for questions or items Close-ended questions a. Checklists b. Two-way (forced choice) c. Multiple choice d. Ranked Open ended questions 3. Identify the respondent’s/respondents’ frames of reference
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary, information level, bias of sample are all concerns 4. Writing questions: a. Simple sentences No doubt negatives Eliminate vagueness Objectionable/irrelevant questions b. Discrete questions/responses No double-barrel questions Balanced questions/responses Exhaustive/mutually exclusive categories c. Limit response format (7 +_ 2) Even/odd categories Vary response poles d. Match response to question Frequency Likert scaling Quality Service 5. Prepare a summary sheet a. Organize data b. Overview/check 6. Pretest questions a. Sampling b. Putting it together Appearance Sequencing Instructions c. Recheck 7. Distribution...
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Survey Construction 1 - Vocabulary information level bias...

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