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Interviewing 2 - about the interview Additional advice from...

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Research Methods Interviewing Lecture Material by Laurel Tranynowicz Interviewing Methods of Interviewing 1. Face to face 2. Telephone 3. Group interviews, or focus groups Topics to Consider in Interviews 1. Bias 2. Role of the interviewer 3. The type of interview 4. Specific ways to construct the interview A. Strategies for initial questioning Funnel questions: State with an open-ended question and follow-up with increasingly narrow questions Inverted funnel questions: Start with a very specific question and expand by asking increasingly general questions B. Strategies for follow-up questioning Mirror questions: Questions repeating previous responses to gain additional information Probing questions: Questions that ask directly for elaboration and explanation Climate questions: Questions asking respondents to explain how they feel
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Unformatted text preview: about the interview Additional advice from the Gallup organization • Keep questions brief and to the point • Use simple words and phrases • Avoid words with strong emotional content • Avoid bias in questions • Include the important alternatives in response choices (if used) • Provide a choice of alternatives as early as possible (if used) Observations Commonalities of ethnographic research • Inductive • Direct dealings with people being studied • Ordinary behavior • Multiple methods Conducting observations 1. Determine your focus 2. Operationally define relevant behaviors 3. Find an opportunity to observe the behaviors 4. Determine your role 5. Decide how you’re going to record your observations...
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Interviewing 2 - about the interview Additional advice from...

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