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Sampling and Statistics 3

Sampling and Statistics 3 - INFERENTIAL 1 Infer the...

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Research Methods Sampling and Statisitcs Lecture Material by Laurel Tranynowicz Descriptive and Inferential Statistics DESCRIPTIVE 1. Summarization of data. 2. Condense raw data such that important features become salient. 3. Concerned with nothing more than sample. 4. Three areas of inquiry: o Measures of central tendency: mean, median, and mode o Measures of variability: range and standard deviation o Measures of association: correlation and linear regression
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Unformatted text preview: INFERENTIAL 1. Infer the characteristics of a larger group from data collected on a smaller group. 2. Larger group=population=parameter. 3. Smaller group=sample=statistic 4. Two branches: o Parameter Estimation: is a measurement on a population that charactertizes one of its features; examples: modes’ the value in the population that occurs most frequently and the average o Hypothesis Testing...
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