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Criticisms Guide 3 - and create something in us. Social...

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Rhetorical Criticism Criticism’s Guide Lecture by Erin McClellan Why would I as a critic want to engage in such criticism? Traditional Criticism-your interested in how a public speech was effective or persuasive. Dramatistic-your interested in what the motives (hidden) are behind a speaker or the text. Narrative-your interested in how the story exemplifies who we are as human beings. Metaphoric-your interested in how the metaphors being used in a text speak to us
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Unformatted text preview: and create something in us. Social Movement-your interested in how a movement is being, or has been successful through a certain set of criteria. Feminist-your interested in gender inequality, how it is socially constructed and the consequences that stem from that. New directions-your interested in a new text-a new way to talk about it....
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