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Criticisms Guide 6 - o How does it speak to me across time...

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Rhetorical Criticism Criticism’s Guide Lecture by Erin McClellan Discuss what criticism and theory that corresponds with it would help you make sense of a rhetorical text. Traditional criticism and persuasion o Is the text persuasive o How was it effective o -examples- Dramatistic criticism and human symbolic action o What are the symbols, and motives o What is gaining my attention o -examples- Narrative criticism and paradigm and rationality o Is it descriptive or deliberative-NP or RP o What is it trying to tell us about who we are o -examples- Metaphoric criticism and archetypal metaphor
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Unformatted text preview: o How does it speak to me across time o What are the metaphors o-examples-• Social movement criticism and RPS, reg, prob, stra o Why/how it is happening-constitutes o Requirements, strategies, and problems it is in o-examples-• Feminist criticism and genre o Gender issue/inequality, construction and consequences o Style and substance, does it meet the requirements o-examples-• New directions criticism and whiteness as discourse o What ideology is framing our view of the world o How is it constructed and what is its consequences o-examples-...
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