Survey and Excavation

Survey and Excavation - • Classical Focus on literate...

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Survey and Excavation Systematic Survey Provides a regional perspective by gathering information on settlement patterns oveer a large area. Sites vary greatly by social complexity. Excavation Sites are excavated because they are in danger of being destroyed or because the address specific research interests. Superposition - relative chronology based on strata. Grid systems Sifting and floatation Kinds of Archaeology Experimental Attempt to replicate ancient techniques and processes under controlled conditions Historical Use written records as guides and supplements to archaeological research
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Unformatted text preview: • Classical Focus on literate civilizations of the Old World (Greece, Rome, Egypt). • Underwater Investigates submerged sites, most often shipwrecks. • Cultural REsource Management (CRM) • Contract (Negotiate specific contracts) Dating the Past • Relative Dating Establishes a time frame in relation to other strata or materials • Absolute Dating More precise dating involving numbers (years old). Radiometric Techniques (measure radioactive decay) Dendrochronology (tree rings) Molecular Dating (mitochondrial DNA)...
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