Biochemical, or Molecular Genetics

Biochemical, or Molecular Genetics - • Cell Division...

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Genetics - Independent Assortment and Recombination Independent Assortment - Mendelian principle that traits are inherited independently of one another. Recombination - The process by which a strand of genetic material is broken and then joines to a different DNA molecule. Biochemical, or Molecular Genetics Mutations - Change in the DNA molecules of which genes and chromosomes are built DNA - Watson and Crick - double helix, unwinds suring cell division.
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Unformatted text preview: • Cell Division Mitosis - Normal Cell Division Melosis - Sex Cell Division • Crossing Over - Before fertilization, early in meiosis, paired chromosomes temporarily intertwine as they duplicate themselves, exchanging lengths of their DNA. • Mutation - Mistakes made during cell division. can be natural or caused byt the enviornment. Only mutations in meiosis (sex cells) are passed on the new generations....
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