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Population Genetics and Mechanics of Genetic Evolution

Population Genetics and Mechanics of Genetic Evolution -...

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Population Genetics and Mechanics of Genetic Evolution Gene Pool - All of the alleles, genes, chromosomes, and genotypes within a breeding population - the "pool" of genetic material available. Genetic Evolution - A change in the frequency of alleles from generation to generation. Natural Selection - Can only operate on Phenotypes - what is exposed not what's hidden, recessive genes can't be eliminated by the gene pool if they are masked by a favored dominant. Directional Selection Traits that are most adaptive (favored by natural selection) will be selected and again from generation to generation. Will continue as long as environmental forces stay the same.
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Unformatted text preview: Sexual Selection Operates through competition for mates in the breeding population - Feather color in birds. • Stabalizing Selection Selective forces can work to maintain variety, in which the frequency of two or more alleles of a gene remain constant from generation to generation (Balance Polymorphism) • Random Genetic Drift - change in allele frequency that results not from natural selection but from chance. • Gene Flow - the exchange of genetic materail between populations of the same species. • Species - a group of related organisms whose memebers can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. • Speciation - The formation of new species....
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