Race and Discredited Concept in Biology

Race and Discredited Concept in Biology - a species), like...

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Race and Discredited Concept in Biology Historically, scientist have appraoche the study of human biological diversity in two main ways: Racial Classification - attempts to assign humans to discrete categories based on common ancestory An explanatory aproach that focuses on specific difference and their biological causes. Race has been historically used by the powerful to oppress and dehumanize populations they wish to control. Shifts in gene frequencies between neighboring groups ususally happen over long periods of time-clines. In theory, a race would be a subspecies (a geographically isolated subdivision of
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Unformatted text preview: a species), like breeds of dogs or roses. In practice with humans, no such envirnoment like that exsists today. Most racial classifications are based on phenotypical traits that rarely have anything to do with a common shared ancestry. Skin coloe, hair color and texture, facial features, etc. .. White, black, yellow, monogoloid, causasoid, negriod, red, pacific islanders - these simplistic classifications cannot adequeately represent all human diversity. Rather, individual populations adapt and evolve to diverse environmental conditions independently of genetic origin!...
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