Chapter 6 Primates Part 2

Chapter 6 Primates Part 2 - their preadolescent offspring...

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Chapter 6 Primates Part 2 Apes Found forests and woodlands in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia Gibbons are completely arboreal while larger, heavier apes spend consicerable time on the ground Longer arms than legs Young apes usualyy Branchiate Chimps and Gorillas "Knuckle-Walk" Gibbons Found in the forests of Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia Little sexual dimorphism Arboreal Live in primary groups composed of permanetly bonded male and female, and
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Unformatted text preview: their preadolescent offspring Orangutans • Once occupied China, now only two indonesian islands • males twice as large as females (200 pounds) • More arboreal than gorillas, with adult males climbing instead of swinging (weight) • Originally thought to be solitary, but recent studies show them to be social...
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