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Chapter 6 Primates Part 3

Chapter 6 Primates Part 3 - • Sexual dimorphism similar...

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Chapter 6 Primates Part 3 Gorillas Thress subspecies - Western lowland, eastern lowland (larger), and mountain (Largest) Male gorillas can weigh as much as 400 pounds (twice the size of most females) Spwnd most of the day feeding (vcegatarians) Typically live in troops of 10-20 members with one breeding male (silver back) Mountain gorillas are very territorial while western lowland are non-aggresive and social Chimpanzees Live over a large area od Central Africa Diet of plants, insects, small animals
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Unformatted text preview: • Sexual dimorphism similar to humans • live in communities of about 50 individuals that reguarly split into smaller groups • very vocal, use facial expressions, gestures and calls Bonobos • Live in humid forests of the Congo • Smaller than Chimps • Female centered, peace loving, and egalitarian • males status reflects that of his mother • Frequent sex - used to avoid conflict • Female controls access to reproduction...
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