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Similarities between human and non human primates

Similarities between human and non human primates -...

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Endangered Primates human driven deforestation rapidly destroying natural habitat all non-human primates are endangered estimated that only 650 mountain gorillas exist in the wild (none in captivity) hunted for meat, skins, and pelts killed for sport and because they raid herds lab animals and pets Similarities between human and non human primates Both rely on learned behavior learning learn thoughout their lives information sharing can respond to environmental changes rapidly (don't have to wait for genteic
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Unformatted text preview: responses • tools tool use requires foresight cracking nuts / termiting throw objects weapons • Predatation and Hunting baboons hunt antelope chimps form hunting parties hunting is both opportunistic and planned chimps use meat to bargain for sex / make allainces • Aggression and REsources set off by human encroachment reflects envrionmental variation chimps have killed and cannibalized other chimp communities overpopulation can cause reproduction rates to slow down...
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