Define technology LHSP - Arielle Speciner Listen to This:...

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Listen to This: Technological Fix for the Temporal Lobe There she is, pink and white cushiony spheres resting on her ears as she bobs her head to an unheard beat. She looks complacent, euphoric almost. What could possibly be producing such a look of serenity? Music. It is those perfect pitches and sound waves that travel from I-pod to temporal lobes. Headphones are the essential technology necessary for the sounds of her favorite band travel from machine to man. The technology of these headphones is ever changing, but what makes them technology? How does one define technology? Most often, people would define it as something new and useful to improve one’s life. In that case, I propose the question, when does something become un-technological? At one time, a piece of paper was TECHNOLOGY; it was something new, but still is useful. So, when did it become so common and overlooked? When something new er came along? At some point it did create wonder and awe. In my case, the technology of headphones came into my life, and is here to stay. Headphones create a safe haven where I can tune out the havoc of the world and get lost in melodic tranquility. Through the wires of my headphones I can create my own world. As the sound travels, I lose myself in the music. A boundary is formed between my thoughts and all surroundings. As I listen to my favorite song, a shield of comfort swarms over me, allowing euphoric endorphins to be released. This piece of technology
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Define technology LHSP - Arielle Speciner Listen to This:...

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