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psych 111 quiz - to cause arousal from the central nervous...

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Arielle Speciner Psych lecture quiz #5 1. Sensimotor stage 2. The evidence of the existence of g (general intelligence) is that there is mental energy and some people’s mental energy is stronger than others. Spearman conducted a correlation to prove a positive correlation of overall intelligence. 3. No she wouldn’t because mental retardation needs to be onset prior to childhood and she is clearly capable of doing adaptive functions such as getting dressed, feeding ones self, communicating with others and other basic life skills. But if she were classified as mentally retarded, she wouldn’t be able to do those things. 4. A problem with the James- Lange theory of emotion is when the organs necessary
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Unformatted text preview: to cause arousal from the central nervous system, emotional responding was not eliminated. 5. Autism. 6. Gender identity disorder or transsexualism. 7. The problem with classical conditioning of fetishism is that with classical conditioning the object has to be there every time the person with the fetish has sex. And sometimes people have fetishes with things that they barely experience during sex. As said in lecture, “why don’t people have fetishes with beds?” That is a valid question because that would mean that a majority of the time a couple has sex, a bed is available, and they would be conditioned to have a fetish to a bed....
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