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Section 10 Quiz 12/7/10 1. Evolutionary theory predicts the differences between men and women by men usually look for younger women, where women are interested in older men. Culture plays the role that people like the same values and cultural and economic environments strongly influence human mate preferences, for example: location. 2. Evolutionary theory explains the different preferences of the bride an groom’s families in Kipsigi bridewealth negotiations in that if a bride is younger/the time of menarche (1 st menstruation) was earlier. She is more desirable because she can bare more and healthier offspring. 3. In relation to childcare, the difference between mating and parenting effort is mating effort is getting the most eligible mate, but parenting effort is investing time in offspring. A man will invest in both when he it is his child and his current mate is the mother’s child. He will invest in one if the current mate is the mother’s child but he is not the father or when the man is the child’s father but
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