Envir- Climate Change - Adaptation to Climate Change 11/18...

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Adaptation to Climate Change 11/18 Climate Science -International Panel on Climate Change creating burden of evidence -Bush Administration position -2002- “most likely due to human activites, but cannot rule out the significance of natural variability -debate over whether its man-made or naturally caused -2008 –“ global warming is real and is a threat to the U.S. economy” Public Perceptions: -84% of scientists believe human induced climate change is occurring (5% do not believe or are unsure) -40-50% of Americans believe human activities will be responsible for climate cange -In Congress, 95% of Democrats and 13% of Republicans Status in U.S: -U.S. House of Representatives pass climate change bill in 2009, stalls in senate -2007- U.S Supreme Court rules that EPA can regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act, without separate approval from Congress -Europe currently regulates greenhouse gases Dealing with Global Climate Change: -To avoid the worst of climate change, CO2 emission levels must be stabilized at 550ppm (50% higher than current levels) 2 Ways to attempt to manage climate change: -Mitigation: Focuses on limiting greenhouse gas emissions to moderate global climate change -Adaptation: Focuses on learning to live with the environmental changes and societal consequences brought about by global climate change benefits to both: less mitigation= more greenhouse gases produced=more serious climate change effects=
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Envir- Climate Change - Adaptation to Climate Change 11/18...

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