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environ 201- water quality notes

environ 201- water quality notes - WATER QUANTITY AND...

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WATER QUANTITY AND QUALITY – 11/9 Useful sources Lakes and reservoirs, streams, groundwater Types of Use: Withdrawl: Total amount of Water taken from a lake, reservoir, or aquifer for any purpose Consumption: Fraction withdrawn that is lost in translation- evaporation, absorption, transformation or otherwise unavailable due to human use Degradation: Change in water quality due to contamination so that it is unsuitable for other desired uses Water Uses: Low level county- almost all goes to agriculture Middle Level: Agriculture, some industry and human use Upper Level: Most goes to industry, 2 nd to agriculture, then human use Home: Gallons used for bath, shower, was, cook, toilet Agriculture- Eggs, Beef (Takes a lot) ^^home use doesn’t compare to agriculture Agriculture and Domestic Uses: -Agriculture irrigation is very inefficient (70-90% loss) -Lost in transport/delivery -Often contaminated -Domestic use is small but can be altered (Use a shower instead of bath, use low flush toilets) Case Studies “Flow”: -Diverted Raw sewage into river that flows into Lake Caca. Didn’t build 80$ million
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