Environ- Water Pollution

Environ- Water Pollution - November 11, 2010 Water...

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November 11, 2010 Water Pollution The second week of deer camp is the greatest time of year Types of water pollution - Infectious agents - Oxygen-demanding wastes - Plant nutrients and cultural eutrophication - Toxic Materials (inorganic and organic) - Thermal pollution - Sediments Infectious agents - Pathogenic organisms, typically bacteria, viruses, parasites - Usually spread by untreated human or animal waste - Cause waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera, and dysentery Oxygen demanding wastes - Sewage dumped into river, more downstream there is less oxygen available, over time river assimilates, and species return - Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) o Content of water needs oxygen to decay organisms, provide source for organisms o How much oxygen is the water Determines whether aquatic species can survive Plant nutrients - Add nutrients to water, higher production, but change to water o water becomes murky, increased algae population o Oxygen is taken from the water to decompose - Oligotrophic: Clear waters, low productivity - Eutrophic: Murky waters and high productivity o Better in terms for conditions of certain fish, put production would also be more - Eutrophication- natural process by which nutrients and productivity increase over long period of time
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Environ- Water Pollution - November 11, 2010 Water...

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