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Alana Nedelman January 27, 2010 Week 4 Questions My questions this week focus on the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass : 1. When Douglass arrived in Baltimore, he said that he saw a sight he had never seen before: “a white face beaming with kindness”. Douglass also stated that “In the basic goodness of her soul she began to treat me as she believed one human being ought to treat another”. We soon learned that it did not take long for even the kindest woman to be influenced to take on the beliefs of slavery. While the tone and environment of the household seems to drastically change for Douglass, he seems to stay happy. Do you think his goal to learn to read and write consumed his mind enough to distract him from his masters drastic change in attitude? 2. All Douglass wanted to do was learn to read, but after he began to understand how, he
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Unformatted text preview: regretted being able to read about what was going on around him. He stated: “As I suffered, I at times felt that leaning to read has been a curse rather than a blessing. It had given me a view of my wretched condition, but no cure. It opened my eyes to the horrible put, but gave me no ladder with which to get out. In moments of agony, I envied my fellow slaves for their ignorance”. How do you think Douglass’ ability to understand the world around him changed his perception of what was going on? Do you think he would have been better off to stay removed and ignorant of it all? 3. How significant do you think it was for Douglass to finally learn what the word abolition and abolitionist meant?...
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