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Unformatted text preview: Get Noticed Get Kristen Pendley Manager, Talent Programs GTSI Corp. Goal For Today Get Noticed. Get an Interview. Get Hired. Company Confidential A Few Guidelines Company Confidential A Little About Me Company Confidential Recruiter’s Top Pet Peeves Company Confidential Agenda Company Confidential What I Look For in a Candidate 1. Clean Clean Resume Resume Company Confidential 2. 3. 4. Experience Behaviors Successes Resumes-Top 5 Mistakes Company Confidential Mistake #1—Relying on Mistake Spell check Spell Their, RTheir, ole, Role, PThan, Affect/ T hey’re, roper Proper Than, It’s, Its Rhere T oll Nouns Effect Then NRoll TThere ouns hen Company Confidential Mistake #2—Poor Formatting In your groups, please How Long Should A Resume Be? discuss and be prepared to present Bullets or Paragraphs? Shouldyour answers. Should I Put an Objective on my Resume? Resume? Should I Put my GPA Should on my Resume? on What Format What Do I Follow? Do Company Confidential Mistake #3—Dull Language Company Confidential Mistake #4—White Lies Company Confidential Mistake #5-Right Amt of Information Company Confidential You Have 1 Minute… 1. What is Your First Impression What of This Person? of In your groups, look Do? In 2. What Does He/She Want toat the resumes You Hire you and 3. Why Should given toHim/Her? 4. What Would You Change? discuss the following. discuss 5. What Mistakes Do You Notice? Company Confidential Where I Look 42% 34% 12% 27% 19% 17% 33% 7% 4% 15 Company Confidential ** Excludes Internal Transfers Build Your Social Network Company Confidential Branding-What Do You Think of Branding-What These Brands? These Company Confidential Branding Yourself--What Do You Want Others to Think of You? Others A Small Fish… Small Company Confidential In A Big Pond In Branding Yourself at Job Fairs Wednesday, March 18 Thursday, March 19 11 AM - 3 PM Johnson Center, Dewberry Hall Company Confidential Who, What, When, Where, Why Elevator Speech Company Confidential Branding Yourself Online 1 in 5 Employers Look At Your Facebook Page 30% Found Enough to No Longer Consider 30% Candidate Candidate Company Confidential Online—Get Noticed the Right Way Online—Get Right Company Confidential Branding Yourself in Interviews Company Confidential Be Prepared For Various Types of ?s Company Confidential Core Behaviors Company Confidential The Scorecard Date Candidate Name: Interviewer Name: Insufficient evidence collected in interview Satisfactorily Above average This is a A model in performs the in this area; notable this area; basic skills in consistently strength; one of the this area performs well in better than best I've this area most in this seen area 1 2 3 4 Time Management 1. 0 Please describe how you planned your use of time over the past Response/Notes several weeks. What methods did you use? Please share some decisions you were faced with when allocating your time. 2. All of us have to multi­task at times. Please describe a situation Response/Notes or period of time in which you were most challenged with handling multiple tasks simultaneously. What were the tasks and how did you handle them? What were the results? 3. Think back to a period of time when you had to complete a broad Response/Notes Company Confidential range of activities. Describe the activities and explain which ones Know What They’ll Ask 1 Competency Time Management 2 Behaviors 1. Prioritize tasks 2. Meet deadlines 3 Question Tell me about a time when you were faced with several tasks. How did you manage your time? What was the outcome? Company Confidential Why I Hire Company Confidential Resources Company Confidential Resume Workshop Now it’s your turn! Take out your resume, and, based on what you just learned, make at least 3 edits that will help “sell” YOU! Company Confidential Resumes-Top 5 Mistakes Company Confidential ...
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