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GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY Department of Recreation, Health & Tourism TOUR 200—Introduction to Travel and Tourism Spring 2011 1. 2. DAY/TIME: 3. W 1:30 – 4:20 p.m. 4. 5. LOCATION:  6. Fine Arts B108 7. PROFESSOR: 8. Rebecca Kelley 9. 10. EMAIL  ADDRESS: 11.   [email protected]  12. OFFICE  HOURS: 13. By Appointment  14 . 15.  PHONE  NUMBER: 16. 540-729-3662 17. PREREQUISITES: None COURSE DESCRIPTION An introduction to travel and tourism from local to international levels. Overview of the scale, scope and organization of th industry; emphasis on development of natural, cultural, heritage, and recreational resources of tourism. Identifies issues relat to the economic, technological, legal, and political aspects of tourism. COURSE OBJECTIVES At the completion of this course, students should be able to: 1. Explain the status of tourism as an increasingly important academic areas of investigation; 2. Describe the nature of tourism from a systems perspective; 3. Describe the ‘push’ (demand) and ‘pull’ (supply) factors that are associated with the emergence of modern tourism systems; 4. Identify spatial patterns of tourism development at the global, national and local level; 5. Appreciate the management dimensions of tourist attractions and other components of the tourism industry; 6. Discuss major tourist market trends and segmentation criteria; 7. Apply basic marketing concepts to the tourism system; 8. Identify and critique the potential positive and negative economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impacts of tourism that can affect various kinds of destinations; 9. Formulate strategies that will allow destinations to maximize the positive impacts of tourism, whilst minimizing its negative impacts; 10. Describe the dynamics associated with destination development; 11. Explain and assess the increasing importance of ‘sustainability’ as a principle for the management of tourism systems; and 12. Appreciate the importance and basic characteristics of research within the field of tourism management.
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COURSE OVERVIEW This course will provide students an opportunity to learn about the various aspects of the tourism industry. Students will engage in activities to provide learning opportunities such as a site visit and two in class presentations where they will serve as the destination manager and will need to analyze data, determine key target markets, determine site benefits and the impact the destination has on the tourist and the industry as a whole. As an introductory class, the material covered will be diverse to provide an overview of topics to be discussed in greater detail in future coursework.
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