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IEOR 151: Service Operations Design and Analysis Course Syllabus Lecture: 3106 Etcheverry MW 10:00-11:00 Labs: 1173 Etcheverry F 9:00-10:00 10:00-11:00 ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION Instructor: Max Shen Office: Etcheverry 4129 Phone: 643-2392 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M, W 2-3, or by appointment GSI: Ye Xu Office: Etcheverry 1117 Phone: 708-9906 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tu 2-4 or by appointment Course webpage: Note: If these hours do not work for a large percentage of the class, alternate times will be arranged. Also, if the posted office hours do not work for you for some reason, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone to set up another mutually convenient time. I really mean this!! COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OUTLINE This course is intended to provide the concepts and tools needed to prepare students for consulting, engineering, and management opportunities in service firms. Such firms represent the largest and fastest growing sector of the economy, and include banks, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, telephone call centers, restaurants, transportation providers, emergency service providers, and government agencies. The service sector accounts for 70% of Gross Domestic Product and 80% of employment. In addition, almost every manufacturing firm has business units providing service operations in order to have competitive edges against its competitors and increase customer satisfaction. Operations Research is essential for improving processes and designing and managing facilities within the service industry. In particular, this course emphasizes quantitative tools that help to address issues such as (i) determining the number and location of service facilities, (ii) the design of process steps, (iii) pricing of perishable resources such as hotel rooms and airplane seats, (iv) capacity planning subject to constraints on customer waiting times, and (v) scheduling staff to accommodate fluctuations in demand. Such decisions are crucial in maintaining a competitive market position and reducing cost for service-oriented firms. The course covers both quantitative and qualitative models that help us to understand the nature of service operation. The class will focus on simple mathematical models. A partial list of topics will be covered is:
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Capacity Management Demand Management Sports Scheduling Healthcare Management Queuing Models Design of Service System (Location, Staffing) Spreadsheet Modeling and Statistical Analysis Auctions and the Impact of the Internet on Services Prerequisites: An introductory optimization class and a probability class are required. Production class or simulation class would be very helpful, but not required. Recommended Text:
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syllabus2010 - IEOR 151 Service Operations Design and...

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