MUSI 102 Ch1 - Popular Music in America

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LISTENING - Learn to listen critically: o Be able to identify influences on popular music artists o Pay specific attention to images, sounds, and iconography used by individual performers - riff : repeated pattern designed to generate rhythmic momentum - hook : a memorable musical phrase or riff - groov e: evokes the channeled flow of energy in music. ex.“swinging,” “funky,” of “phat” rhythms - timbre : the quality of sound, and often unique to a vocalist, instrumentalist, or producer. Often part of an identifiable “sound-print” o note: this is decidedly different that the “affect” or mood of the music. Affect can be defined as “the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion” and is much more subjective that “timbre.” - Identify significant popular music forms o Strophic Form o Blues Form (AAB blues and V/C blues) o AABA Form MUSIC AND IDENTITY - Popular music influences and reflects aspects of cultural identity including: o Ideas of gender, race, and sexual identity
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MUSI 102 Ch1 - Popular Music in America

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