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baker chilled water plant

baker chilled water plant - 54 NUTUKURTHI KRISHNA CHAITANYA...

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54 NUTUKURTHI KRISHNA CHAITANYA BAKER CHILLED WATER PLANT The Baker Chilled Water Plant is a 31 year old facility constructed in 1976 that is located at the east end of the Service Center Road in the Service Center Complex of North Campus. This Plant and the accompanying Plant pump have a combined total area of approximately 39,396 square feet. The main function of the Plant is to provide cooled water for air-conditioned buildings that is pumped through a 6 mile long underground distribution loops. There is large number of induction motors that is used to pump throughout the campus. As these motors provide inductance, the power factor of the plant is 0.9. The plant has a very well 4 stage planned out construction. In the first section 13.8kV transformers and switchgears are installed. The second section includes the control unit using SEMENS based on computer system. This section is mainly responsible to control temperature in every single room in all of the buildings in the North Campus. Third section contains all heavy
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