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New York power authority

New York power authority - 54 NUTUKURTHI KRISHNA CHAITANYA...

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54 NUTUKURTHI KRISHNA CHAITANYA NEW YORK POWER AUTHORITY New York Power Authority is basically termed as Mosses generating plant. It generates electricity and is the main distributor of electrical energy in Western New York. There are several Electrical engineers in the plant whose roles extend from responding to equipment failures to design and install upgrade equipment for project modernization. The other different roles like supervising craft workers in the field like trouble shooting the equipment, work within NYPA administration system, Implement other projects related to plant operation and compliance. Also reviewing design packages from design Engineers for completeness and CPP-1. CPP is termed as clearance and protection procedure. They oversee control plant construction efforts. They check all the equipments are safe for the workers, union to work. One of the Engineer Rob is working on the system design of the air gap or flux density monitoring by using air gap sensors. Sensors are put on the stators. When the rotors and stators are working, the stators may
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