JpnRel Bodhisattva chart

JpnRel Bodhisattva chart - THEO199...

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THEO 199 Religions of Asia: Japanese Religions Shakyamuni; Manjushri; Samantabhadra; Avalokiteshvara; Kshitigarbha [Jizo];  Maitreya; Vimalakirti Seven Major Bodhisattva Archetypes Chart; Part 1 SANSKRIT  NAME;  ENGLISH  MEANING OTHER NAMES MAIN SUTRAS REPRESENTA- TIVE MAHAYANA  SCHOOLS/     SECTS MAJOR  ELEMENTS OF  ICONOGRAPHY Shakyamuni Sage of the  Shakyas Siddhartha  Gautama (pre- buddhahood) All All (less so in Pure  Land, Huayan,  Vajrayana) earth-touching  mudra unadorned,  long earlobes  head protuberance  emaciated  Shakyamuni Manjushri Noble, Gentle  One Manjughosha Wenshu  (Chinese) Monju  (Japanese) Prajna-paramita;  Appears  prominently in  many others,  including  Avatamsaka,  Vimalakirti Madhyamika  informally: Chan/Zen Ritsu/Precepts carries sword  and/or  prajnaparamita  scroll;  sometimes other  implements  rides lion, youthful
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Samantabhadra  Universal  Worthy or  Goodness Puxian (Chinese) 
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JpnRel Bodhisattva chart - THEO199...

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