10.18.10 COM 200 Notes

10.18.10 COM 200 Notes - 10.18.2010 Notes CH9 Objectivist...

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Unformatted text preview: 10.18.2010 Notes: CH9- Objectivist Theory Statement: Socrates is a man, all men are mortal. What is common “man and men” therefore the theorem is Socrates is mortal. More verbal communication with low uncertainty. High nonverbal warmth, low uncertainty. CROSS OUT uncertainty. THUS, theorem 1: As verbal communication increases, so does nonverbal warmth. More similarities, low uncertainty. High uncertainty low liking. Both have inverse relationships. Cross out uncertainty as similarities increase, liking increases. CH 10 NOTES-ASK NITESH Finishing up CH 10 URT(reducing uncertainty)-SET( whether or not we disclosure information)-SPT Each layer of onion represents personality structure- these are your beliefs, values, opinions, etc. “you have a stance in religion or politics, if not very religious, not good or bad just not a lot of depth ***ONION STRUCTURE Objectivist SET- CH 11 Thibaut and Kelly- Social psychologists Objectivist theory SET uses marketplace metaphor- same idea as in economics, comparing costs and rewards in relationships. Self interest motivate relationships. Social Exchange refers too: **KNOW THESE FOUR THINGS Involve a connection with another person, you do not have social exchange with a random person ro non- intimate relationship. Social Exchanges must involve trust. Some form of intimacy Social Exchange are flexible, give and take qualities. Give and take on both parts. Rarely involve explicit bargaining. You do not just go to your boyfriend and say here is my list, we rarely do that but it happens internally. Objectivist theory- explanation and prediction si big. To explain satisfaction and stability in relationships To predict relational maintenance and dissolution. Relational maintenance- everything that goes into maintain a relationship. If you are not disclosing, you are not becoming more intimate. If we do not have self-disclosure we cannot maintain that relationship, at the most intimate levels of relationships, self-disclosures go down because you know that person well already, there isn’t much they do not know that you have not told them. DOES NOT mean intimacy has gone down. Assumptions of SET: Human Nature and Nature of relationships: in book We calculate rewards and modify our behaviors to maximize those rewards. Humans are not rational beings. People compare what they have to 2 standard. What they should have (comparison levels) what they could have (comparison level alternative) The specifics of those standards vary over time and from person to person. Relationships are interdependent, your actions WILL effect the other person. When you act the other element acts and it changes. When you do something that’s a cost to you its probably a reward to the other person....
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10.18.10 COM 200 Notes - 10.18.2010 Notes CH9 Objectivist...

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