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November 15, 2010 Reading Questions: Rowan Article PR - Risk Communication 1. Define risk communication in your own words. Risk communication is when messages that contain information or opinion is relayed to others. It does not have to be about risk. 2. Discuss the importance of risk perception. Communicating risk is important but being able to successfully communicate the seriousness of a message is an important factor as well. The perception of you message effects how people will interpret that message and how they will take action towards that risk. Perception depends on how it is presented no matter what the intent is. 3. Explain the acronym C.A.U.S.E. What does each letter stand for and why is that element important to risk communication? C. – Confidence in something is related to the trust, or lack of, in someone’s message. Gaining trust helps your message come across as more genuine. A. – Awareness is challenging to create. Letting people know about a danger is difficult
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Unformatted text preview: because people in general like to believe that nothing bad happens around them. U. – Understanding a message is an important characteristic. Misunderstanding a message creates problems and in order to prevent that the sender must be clear and simplistic when conveying a message. S. – Satisfaction for the audience involves the way the hazard is managed. Getting them satisfied with the managing of the hazard involves persuasion. The result must be consistent with the sender’s values. E. – Enactment of a plan to prevent a hazard. It is how they convince people from agreeing to an action to actually taking action. 4. How does this article fit into our discussion of rhetorical communication? Risk communication relates to the study of rhetorical communication because persuading an audience is what the rhetorical tradition strives to do. Being influential is an important aspect to both risk communication and rhetorical communication....
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