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RQ - Ch. 23 F10 - Media Effects developed to answer how...

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November 29, 2010 Reading Questions: Chapter 23 Uses and Gratifications Theory 1. Who are the key Researchers of this theory? Elihu Katz, Jay G. Blumler, and Michael Gurevitch 2. Discuss the following elements of the theory: a. History of the theory Theories befor this one suggested that people are not strong enough or smart enough to protect themselves against unwanted media effects. Other theories suggested that people have relatively little personal choice in interpreting the meaning of the messages they consume and in determining the level of inpact those messages will have on them. Theorists were unsatisfied with these assumptions and decided to develop this theory known as Uses and Gratification Theory. b. Key Terms (list and define) The active audience – Assumes that the audience is active in consuming what media they want.
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Unformatted text preview: Media Effects developed to answer how theorists could hold to notions of limited effects when there is so much evidence of media influence all around. c. Propositions/assumptions (list and discuss) The audience is active. They are also media-oriented. The media compete with other sources. Value judgmenys of media content can only be assessed by the audience. 3. Discuss the findings and generalizations of this theory. (Looking for the larger/overall findings and generalizations as well as specifics does the theory meet the goals?) The audience is media oriented. 4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this theory according to the criteria for evaluating a theory? November 29, 2010 5. Describe one practical application (i.e., identify a real world example) of this theory applied....
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RQ - Ch. 23 F10 - Media Effects developed to answer how...

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