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RQ - Ch. 27 F10

RQ - Ch. 27 F10 - in degree Norms guide the process 3...

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October 25, 2010 Reading Questions: Chapter 27 Communication Accommodation Theory 1. Who are the Key Researchers of this theory? Howard Giles 2. Discuss the following elements of the theory: a. History of this theory Giles claimed that when two people from different ethnic or cultural groups interact, they tend to accommodate each other in the way they speak in order to gain the other’s approval. Communication accommodation theory is a theory of intercultural communication that actually attends to communication. b. Key Terms (define them) Convergence – become more similar by adapting Divergence – Accentuate differences Maintenance – continue in original communication style Overaccomodate - condescending c. Propositions/assumptions (list and discuss) Commonalities and differences in speech and behavior exist in conversation. Perception of speech and behavior help determine how we evaluate the interaction. Language and behaviors indicate social status. Accommodations vary
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Unformatted text preview: in degree. Norms guide the process. 3. Discuss the findings and generalizations of this theory. (Looking for the larger/overall findings and generalizations as well as specifics – does the theory meet the goals?) Intent is irrelevant. Perception by others is what matters. Convergence is seen as a good thing while divergence is seen in a negative light. October 25, 2010 4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this theory according to the seven criteria for evaluating a theory? Strengths: Test of time – developed in 1971 Parsimony – simple but enough to explain theory clearly Logical Consistency – theory is not contradictory Weaknesses: Testability – hard to measure the response 5. Discuss practical applications (i.e., real world examples) of this theory. Can help to explain persuasion and how impressionability of other people. Can also indicate how much we are trying to be likable with people we have just met....
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RQ - Ch. 27 F10 - in degree Norms guide the process 3...

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