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Written Assignment Guidelines - F100

Written Assignment Guidelines - F100 - Comm 200 Fall 2010...

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Comm 200 Fall 2010 Haynes Writing Assignment Options General Guidelines for Written Assignments Written Assignments - All written assignments should follow the guidelines below: Assignments should be typed using Times New Roman Font, 12pt, 1 inch margins, double- spaced, and stapled. Include a cover page that indicates your name, title of the class, which section number you are in, and the date of the assignment Assignments must be submitted in both HARD COPY the day the assignment is due as well as submitted electronically through the electronic drop box on the course website. DO NOT EMAIL ASSIGNMENTS TO THE INSTRUCTOR. Source citations should be made using APA style- parenthetical citations in the text followed by a works cited page. It is expected that all written assignments include references to scholarly work. Analysis portions should be between 4-5 pages in length not including title pages, works cited, journals and appendices (when appropriate). (Detach lower portion and hand in to Christine on Sept. 20, 2010) Name: _______________________________________ I have read all of the options for the written assignment portion of COMM 200.001 for fall 2010 and understand all details regarding each assignment. I have made an informed decision based on all of my classes and the context of communication that I’m most interested in. Based on this knowledge I have chosen to complete the following written assignment for this class: _________________________________________________ (print) ____________________________________________________ (signature) Due: ______________________________________________
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Comm 200 Fall 2010 Haynes Writing Assignment Options Assignment #1- Interpersonal Journal Due: Nov. 8 th The goal of this assignment is to see if your own interpersonal relationships confirm the predictions of the interpersonal theories we will study. To accomplish this task, you will study your interpersonal interactions with two subjects: 1. Select someone from your life with whom you have fairly regular interactions (at least once a day) to serve as one subject for this paper (referred to later on as the familiar ) 2. Select someone from the class that you do not know really well (make a new friend!) to serve as the second subject (referred to later on as the unfamiliar ). You will keep track of your conversations and interactions with the subject for a one week period: Oct. 19 th – Oct. 25 th Journal Over a one week period, you will keep a journal of ALL of the interpersonal interactions you have with both of your subjects. This includes all face-to-face communication, electronic communication, written communication- any interaction you have with the subjects is fair game and should be recorded. Keep two separate journals- one for each of your subjects. Observations concerning the familiar subject should be fairly frequent, but you will need to find time to develop a relationship with the unfamiliar- a minimum of five interactions with the unfamiliar is expected, with at least three of those interactions being meaningful, face-to-face interactions.
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Written Assignment Guidelines - F100 - Comm 200 Fall 2010...

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