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11. (a) The conservation laws considered so far are associated with energy, momentum, angular momentum, charge, baryon number, and the three lepton numbers. The rest energy of the muon is 105.7 MeV, the rest energy of the electron is 0.511 MeV, and the rest energy of the neutrino is zero. Thus, the total rest energy before the decay is greater than the total rest energy after. The excess energy can be carried away as the kinetic energies of the decay products and energy can be conserved. Momentum is conserved if the electron and neutrino move away from the decay in opposite directions with equal magnitudes of momenta. Since the orbital angular momentum is zero, we consider only spin angular momentum. All the particles have spin = /2 . The total angular momentum after the decay must be either = (if the spins are aligned) or zero (if the spins are antialigned). Since the spin before the decay is = /2 angular momentum cannot be
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Unformatted text preview: conserved. The muon has charge – e , the electron has charge – e , and the neutrino has charge zero, so the total charge before the decay is – e and the total charge after is – e . Charge is conserved. All particles have baryon number zero, so baryon number is conserved. The muon lepton number of the muon is +1, the muon lepton number of the muon neutrino is +1, and the muon lepton number of the electron is 0. Muon lepton number is conserved. The electron lepton numbers of the muon and muon neutrino are 0 and the electron lepton number of the electron is +1. Electron lepton number is not conserved. The laws of conservation of angular momentum and electron lepton number are not obeyed and this decay does not occur. (b) We analyze the decay in the same way. We find that charge and the muon lepton number L µ are not conserved. (c) Here we find that energy and muon lepton number L cannot be conserved....
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